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The London Port Health Authority (LPHA) is responsible for regulating certain processes under the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010 and further information can be found on our environmental pemitting page.

Not all processes are our responsibility and may fall under the jurisdiction of neighbouring local authorities.

Noise control

Noise control is an important part of the LPHA's enforcement role. Problems can occur with Thames disco launches, particularly when operating after midnight. Many of these vessels are fitted with noise limiting devices but unless these are correctly used they may still emit unacceptably loud music, causing disturbance to the public.

Another source of noise is metal to metal contact noise from barges in the river which is generated in certain weather conditions and by vessel movements. This can be reduced by the use of effective fenders.

Other enforcement responsibilities include the control of odour emission from certain port industries and the monitoring of refuse handling on the river.

For more information on issues regarding noise on London’s navigable waterways include the powering of vessels; tourist and party boats, piers and moorings; wharves and boatyards please read our article on noise on the Tidal Thames (80KB) .

If you are experiencing frequent noise disturbance it is recommended that you complete the daily disturbance diary(26KB) .

For further information or to report a complaint or problem contact the Denton office.

Health and safety guidelines

The Thames Explorer Trust has produced health and safety guidelines for groups organising visits to the Thames foreshore, which you can see on the Thames Explorer website.