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If you import animal feed or food from non-EU countries you must comply with the law. The general principle is that all products must be safe. For some products there are specific rules and checks.

The London Port Health Authority officers and veterinary surgeons carry out these checks. We use public analysts and food examiners to carry out detailed checks to ensure consignments are safe and comply with legislation.

There is useful information in these documents:

London Port Health Authority Public Protection Enforcement Policy (215KB)

London Port Health Food Enforcement Service Plan (103KB)

London Port Health Authority Imported Food Sampling Policy (49KB)

The imports-exports page on the Government website covering aspects of importing food and products of animal origin.

The Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF) is a system that shares information about rejected consignments between member states. The European Commission RASFF Portal provides non-confidential data on RASFF alerts and notifications can be viewed by the public.