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The London Port Health Authority works closely with Public Health England in carrying out health education for visiting seafarers, often during inspections of vessels.

We are able to advise on infection control in relation to a number of infectious diseases such as Cholera, Tuberculosis, and Ebola. Please contact us at our Manorway House office.


Management of Spa Pools - Controlling the Risks of Infection from GOV.UK provides detailed information on controlling the risk of legionella infection arising from poorly maintained spa pools on vessels.

The London Port Health Authority has a leaflet on practical advice on Legionella control on board vessels(80KB)


Guidance for the management of Norovirus infection in cruise ships is available from GOV.UK.

Other infectious disease control advice

Additional advice and guidance on infectious disease control is available from several sources including:

Public Health England

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Centers For Disease Control (CDC)

Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO)