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Date updated: 21/06/2022

On the 18 March 2020 the City of London Corporation introduced an experimental traffic scheme on Beech Street, Bridgewater Street and Golden Lane with the aim of reducing air pollution.

Beech Street historically, has had high levels of air pollution due to the traffic and the enclosed nature of the street. Urgent improvement was needed to bring nitrogen dioxide levels within World Health Organisation guidelines. This scheme was the UK’s first ‘zero emission street’ operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The experiment ran for 18 months from March 2020 to September 2021. Data on the impacts on traffic an air quality was monitored on Beech Street and surrounding streets. There was a public consultation and results of the monitoring and consultation are below.

Traffic data

The experiment monitoring data for traffic on and around Beech Street is presented in a dashboard(1).

Moving through the dashboard it outlines the following:

  • Page 1 is data prior to the experiment (2019-2020)
  • Page 2 is data from during the experiment (September 2021)
  • Page 3 compares the pre-experiment to during the experiment data
  • Page 4 provides an overall summary

Air quality data

The experiment monitoring data for air quality on and around Beech Street is presented in a dashboard(2).

There is a continuous air quality monitor on Beech Street and real-time and historical data can be accessed via the London Air Quality Network.

Taxi data and noise survey data

Mystery shopper taxi journeys were undertaken prior and during the experiment on set routes that were agreed with the taxi trade representatives. The data reviews the taxi journey costs prior and during the experiment.

Noise surveys were undertaken at nine locations on and around Beech Street.

Both sets of data are available by emailing the project team

Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee February 2021

Streets and Walkways Sub-Committee December 2021

If you would like to discuss the experimental zero emission scheme with a member of the project tea emailing the project team to arrange a phone call or video call.

In December 2021, the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee considered a report summarising the results of the traffic experiment. The Committee approved the recommendation to proceed with a public consultation on the support for a permanent measure on Beech Street to improve air quality based on the design of the experiment.

The Public Consultation is being prepared and will be launch after London local election.