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e-scooter trial and pedal cycle parking

Date updated: 25/07/2022

The City of London Corporation introduced an Experimental Traffic Order on 5 July 2021 to enable the City of London to take part in Transport for London’s London-wide electric scooter trial. Go to TfL's Electric Scooters Trial for information on the trial.

The London e-scooter rental scheme is approved by the Department for Transport, however, privately-owned e-scooters or other powered transporters are not legal to use on public roads.

With Transport for London and local authorities across London we are taking steps to ensure that anyone using a rental e-scooter rides safely and follows the rules of the road. 

The Experimental Traffic Order introduced on-street parking places for the e-scooters which will be shared with the ‘dockless’ cycle hire pedal cycles and on-street parking places for pedal cycles. The pedal cycle parking experiment that began in November 2020 is replaced by the Order.

The documents relating to this are at the end of the page.

Please send any comments either by post to the address in the Notice or by email to City Transportation

City of London Corporation Pan London E-Scooter Trial EQIA PDF 1.16MB
Date submitted: 15/07/22
Notice of Making - scooter trial and cycle parking PDF (109KB)
Date submitted: 25/06/21
Statement of Reasons - scooter trial and cycle parking PDF (147KB)
Date submitted: 25/06/21
Consultation plans - scooter and pedal cycle parking PDF (4.1MB)
Date submitted: 25/06/21
Scooter trial and cycle parking experimental order PDF (270KB)
Date submitted: 25/06/21