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Date updated: 15/02/2023

The City of London Corporation is developing three options to transform the streets and public realm on the St Paul's gyratory system which was introduced in the 1970's to prioritise motor traffic over people who walk and cycle. These options are explained in the three PDF files.

The project area stretches from the Museum of London roundabout in the North, to St Paul's underground station. The project aims to make the streets safer for people who walk and cycle and to introduce a greener, more pleasant environment. It will deliver key elements of the City Corporation's Transport Strategy, Climate Action Strategy and the Guildhall Area Strategy.

We undertook a survey from December 2022-January 2023 to gather information on how people use and feel about this area. The results, summarised in the Executive Summary, will enable us to assess and develop the three options, leading to one option being taken to the relevant Committees later this year. If that option is approved, we will consult the public again.

The project team is working with two developments in the project area: 81 Newgate Street (the former BT site) and a potential new development at London Wall West. The two developments offer a major opportunity to add value and increase funding for the project, in turn helping to address road safety and public realm issues in the area.

Contact the St Paul's Gyratory Project Team if you have any questions or comments.

St Paul's Gyratory - Executive Summary (676KB)
Executive Summary of our initial public survey undertaken in December 2022 and January 2023.
Date submitted: 15/02/23
St Paul's Gyratory Project Area Plan PDF (435KB)
Annotated plan of the St Paul's Gyratory project area
Date submitted: 13/09/22

In September 2022 the Streets and Walkways Sub (Planning and Transportation) Committee reviewed the Gateway 3 report and agreed on taking three options forward for further assessment.

St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 1 PDF (700KB)
St Paul Gyratory Proposal Option 1
Date submitted: 6/12/22
St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 3 PDF (465KB)
St Paul Gyratory Proposal Option 3
Date submitted: 6/12/22
St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 4 PDF (446KB)
St Paul's Gyratory Proposal Option 4
Date submitted: 6/12/22