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Introduction of raised tables

Date updated: 10/03/2023

The City of London Corporation is proposing to introduce raised tables at various locations in the City and waiting and loading restrictions in Basinghall Street and Nicholas Lane.

A raised table is a traffic calming device that raise the entire wheelbase of a vehicle to reduce its traffic speed. The flat top humps proposed at existing zebra crossings and informal pedestrian crossing desire lines will reduce traffic speeds and improve road safety. They will provide an accessible and a step-free route for pedestrians.

The documents relating to this are at the end of the page.

More documents are available for inspection at the Planning Enquiry desk in Guildhall North Wing, London EC2V 7HH during regular office hours Mondays to Fridays.

Email Policy and Projects team or telephone 020 7332 3970 if you require further information.

Notice of proposal various locations
Notice of proposal to introduce waiting and loading restrictions and flat top humps at various city of london locations.
Date submitted: 2/03/23
Statement of reasons Basinghall Street Nicholas Lane PDF (130KB)
Statement of reasons for making a proposal to introduce flat top tables and waiting and loading restrictions at various City of London locations.
Date submitted: 10/03/23
Traffic Order various locations
Date submitted: 2/03/23