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Dockless cycle hire

The City of London Corporation recognizes that a well run dockless cycle hire scheme can be a good addition to the transport network but must be managed to avoid negative impacts on the City's streets.

The City Corporation endorses the Transport for London Dockless Cycle Hire Code of Practice and has issued the following policy statement:

  • The City of London Corporation recognises the role that well organised dockless cycle hire schemes can play in providing low cost public access to cycles for short urban journeys and endorses the Dockless Bike Share: Code of Practice for Safe Operation in London (“the Code”).
  • Operators are expected to follow the requirements and recommendations of the Code.
  • While the City of London is likely to be a popular destination for trips undertaken by dockless cycle hire, the street layout and extremely high footfall in the City means that highways in the City are an unsuitable location for dockless cycle hire operations to be based. An operator should not place cycles on City Corporation highway. Cycles should not be placed on any other land in the City without the consent of the land owner. The City Corporation must be informed in advance of any proposals to base cycles on private property within the City.
  • The City Corporation will engage with operators wishing to operate dockless cycle hire schemes to ensure that users of the schemes leave the cycles in appropriate locations on City streets, subject to the cycle hire operators' compliance with the Code and the City Corporation Policy Statement.
  • Cycles belonging to operators not complying with the Code and causing danger, obstruction or nuisance will be removed by the City Corporation and operators will be liable for costs as set out in the Code.

Operators wishing to run a dockless cycle hire scheme in the City of London should contact Strategic Transportation to discuss their proposals.

16 November 2018
Last Modified:
16 November 2018