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We are consulting on the draft City of London Transport Strategy

Visit the City of London Draft Transport Strategy consultation website to see our proposals and have your say. The consultation is open until 13 January 2019.

The City of London Draft Transport Strategy (9MB) sets out how we propose to design and manage our streets to ensure the Square Mile remains a great place to live, work, study and visit. It includes ambitious proposals to:

  • Prioritise the needs of people walking, make streets more accessible and deliver world-class public realm
  • Make the most efficient and effective use of street space by significantly reducing motor traffic, including the number of delivery and servicing vehicles in the Square Mile
  • Eliminate death and serious injuries from our streets through measures to deliver safer streets and reduce speeds
  • Enable more people to choose to cycle by making conditions for cycling in the Square Mile safer and more pleasant
  • Improve air quality and reduce noise by encouraging and enabling the switch to zero emission capable vehicles

The results of earlier engagement to inform the development of the Transport Strategy these can be found in our
Phase One Engagement Report (560KB) and Phase Two Engagement Report (726KB)

Drop-in sessions

Several drop-in sessions will be held at City libraries and in the reception area of Guildhall throughout November, December and January. These will provide an opportunity to discuss the Transport Strategy with members of the City Corporation’s Strategic Transportation team. These will be held on:

Date Venue Time
Wednesday 21 November Guildhall North Wing Reception 8am-7pm
Tuesday 27 November Shoe Lane Library 12noon-2pm and 5-6.30pm
Monday 3 December Artizan Library 12noon-2pm and 5-7pm
Thursday 6 December Barbican Library 12noon-2pm and 5-7.30pm
Wednesday 9 January Guildhall North Wing Reception 8am-7pm

Transport for London City Transport Forum

Transport for London are hosting their first City of London Residents’ Transport Forum on Thursday 29 November at the Guildhall.

The forum will be chaired by Councilman Marianne Fredericks and will be an opportunity for residents and other stakeholders from across the City to discuss key transport issues relating to Transport for London, such as buses, London Underground and DLR services.
Date: Thursday 29 November
Time: 6.15 - 8 pm
Venue: Committee Rooms 2-3, Guildhall, London EC2V 7HH

Please email Ciaran McCartan at or Abbas Raza at to confirm your place.

This forum is run by Transport for London and relates to their services. If you wish to comment on the City of London Draft Transport Strategy, please visit the City of London Draft Transport Strategy consultation website  or attend a drop in session.

Contact the Strategic Transportation Team

Reports and resources

City of London Freight Data (940KB)

Report of on street freight survey and GPS data collected in 2016 and 2017. This report shows where freight vehicles come from to get to the City and which streets are used to undertake deliveries and servicing. Published in May 2017.

City Streets Exhibition Panels (2MB)

These are the materials used in the City Streets exhibition held in February and March 2018. The panels provide information on the history of our streets, their current use and transport challenges and opportunities. Published in February 2018

Traffic in the City 2018 (755KB)

This report provides details of the traffic using the City’s streets at different time of day, including people walking. This report also highlights traffic trends from 1999. Published in February 2018.

International Comparative Study - Traffic Management (12MB)

International comparison study showcasing best practice in transport planning and traffic management. The report reviews schemes in Stockholm, Paris and New York and their potential for use in the Square Mile. This work was undertaken on behalf of the City Corporation by WSP. Published in March 2018.

Transport Strategy Phase 1 Engagement Report (560KB)

Results of initial City Streets engagement with workers, residents and visitors of the Square Mile to understand what people think about our streets. The results helped inform the development of the City of London Transport Strategy. Published in May 2018.

Integrated Impact Assessment draft Transport Strategy Vision, Aims and Outcomes (188KB)

Integrated impact assessment for the draft vision, aims and outcomes of the Transport Strategy. This incorporates a sustainability and strategic environmental assessment, an equalities impact assessment and a health impacts assessment. This work was undertaken on behalf of the City Corporation by LUC. Published in May 2018.

City of London Transport Strategy Draft Vision, Aims and Outcomes (2.3MB)

A consultation draft of the proposed vision, aims and outcomes for the City of London Transport Strategy. These summarised our aspirations for the future of transport in the Square Mile. Published in June 2018

Transport Strategy Phase 2 Engagement Report (726KB)

Results of the consultation on the draft vision, aims and outcomes. This report shows level of support and summarises suggested changes. The results helped inform the development of the City of London Transport Strategy. Published in October 2018.

City of London Draft Transport Strategy (9MB)

Draft Transport Strategy, setting out our proposed approach to future investment in and management of the City’s streets, as well as measures to reduce the social, economic and environmental impacts of motor traffic and congestion. Published in November 2018.