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Street obstructions

A Boards

Street obstructions policy

The City of London has a policy to better control obstructions on the streets to ensure they are safe. This is a similar approach to Transport for London's, which is also seeking to minimise the number of items that  block the footway. This is particularly important where footfall is high or the footways are narrow.

Obstructions will not be tolerated in the following circumstances

  • on footways which are narrower than two metres wide
  • on footpaths identified as having a high footfall (such as transport hubs, stations and related pedestrian routes)
  • where they interrupt safe pedestrian movement (regardless of the width of the pavement)

Examples of obstructions

  • freestanding advertisement boards (A Boards)
  • abandoned bicycles
  • bicycles​ secured to street furniture or railings/barriers
  • potted plants or planters
  • distribution stands (newspapers and magazines
  • tables and chairs
  • display stands
  • unauthorised bins, bags and litter bins

If you have any concerns regarding an obstruction please contact our Street Environment Team. The City is keen to work with businesses to support their needs and look for on-streets alternative where obstructions are not tolerated.

Email the SEO Team.

020 7606 3030

29 April 2015
Last Modified:
31 May 2019