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​Q: What restrictions are in place?

Restrictions apply between the hours of 8am and 6pm, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Businesses are restricted from putting out bagged or loose waste and recycling for collection on the highway and pavements. Restrictions will still apply from 6pm to midnight, whereby any waste placed out for collection will have to be collected within a two hours period from placement time. There are no restrictions from midnight to 8am. All bags must be cleared from the highway by 8am.

Residents will have to place their waste out for collection between 6.30pm and 7.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Q: Why have you brought time banding into the City?

The increasing number of people living and visiting the City for business and leisure, together with a rise in recycling in recent years, has seen the streets become less attractive. Streets have become unpleasant to look at and hazardous with waste sacks being left on the public highway for collection. Sack waste left for collection also attracts loose waste, which has seen an increase in recent times, hence creating an untidy and unclean appearance with an increase in vermin issues. Being a ‘world class’ city, such a negative image is something we do not want to portray.

Q: Who in the community was consulted about the time banding?

A sample survey was conducted to see the likely impact of introducing a time banding scheme for bagged waste. The objective of the survey was to try to get an indication from both residents and businesses on how the introduction of a time banding scheme would be received and how easily residents and businesses would be able to comply. After the initial survey, 13,500 City residents and businesses were sent a letter during October and December 2011 asking them their views before considering implementation of scheme.

Q: I open at 9am and close before 6pm - what do I do about my waste collection?

The City has allowed for internal collections to take place during the hours of 8am and 6pm. This is where your waste collector can come into the premises or to the front door to collect bags/sacks and loose waste. Most businesses will arrange the best time for their waste contractor to come and collect the rubbish which will have been stored within the premises until collection.

Q: My premises close at 6pm and my rubbish collections have been overnight. How does the trade waste time banding affect me?

There is no general right to use the public footway to store your rubbish and you have a legal duty to ensure that it does not become a problem. Having sacks and bags left on the streets for numerous hours is a big issue and something we want to clean up. If a business closes at 6pm with the waste being collected after midnight, this allows too much time for bags to become a nuisance. Time banding restrictions will allow for collection of rubbish within two hours of being placed on the street after 6pm until midnight ensuring it is not left out for hours and allows flexibility for businesses and waste contractors for collection.

Q: Why are there two hour slots for collection between 6.00pm and midnight?

During the evening the City’s streets are still being used but not at the intensity levels as during the day. Imposing the two hour time limit for waste to be left on the highway between the hours of 6pm and midnight will stop anyone putting out waste at 6pm but not having made arrangements to have it collected until midnight, thus reducing the amount of time that bags and sacks can be damaged and attract vermin.

Q: My premises shut at 10pm. If I leave my rubbish out between 9pm and 11pm, and it is not collected, how can I be held responsible and face a fine?

It is your rubbish and you have a legal duty to ensure that it does not become a problem so you should employ a competent waste carrier who will collect within the regulations. You might be more reassured if you arranged for internal collections directly from within your premises whilst they are open - then you would not have to worry about a late collection from the street.

Q: My contractor is concerned about parking tickets for when they are doing internal collections?

Parking Enforcement Officers will allow flexibility for waste vehicles seen to be making internal collections. This does not give freedom to waste vehicles to take control of the road as they still have a duty of care not to obstruct the roads. Red route restrictions still apply and arrangements will need to be made with your contractors for collection.

Q: My contractor cannot do internal collections or collect within the two hour slots, what can I do?

The responsibility for having rubbish collected and to comply with all regulations is on you. If your current waste contractor is unable to make collections in accordance with the scheme then you have to find a carrier who can. A list of contractors who support the City of London time Banding Scheme and can accommodate internal collections can be found on the website.

Q: I am unable to store food waste overnight due to Health & Safety?

Food waste should be stored overnight in sealable caddies like those you use at home. These durable bins prevent bad smells and odours escaping while offering strong protection against vermin. Environmental Health Officers have confirmed that use of caddies for food waste will not compromise any Health and Safety Regulations.    

Q: My premises are too small and we have no space for storage, what can I do?

We understand that space is a premium commodity within the City but there is no general right to use the public footway to store rubbish. All premises should have space designated for waste storage. If space is insufficient then numerous collections will be needed throughout the day to cope with the volume of waste generated in addition to a review of waste management may also be worthwhile.

Q: My waste gets collected in the early hours of the morning, how does time banding affect me?

If waste is collected during the early hours of the morning, collection times can remain the same as long as waste is not put out before 10pm for collection and collected before 8am.

Q: Will there be an increase in noise during the early hours due to new timings?

At present many local authorities restrict late night deliveries and collections in certain areas under section 79, Environmental Protection Act 1990. These restrictions will still apply after April 2012.

Q: We don’t put out sacks or bags and have a wheelie bin, how will time banding affect me?

This scheme only applies to bagged, sacked and loose waste placed on the street for collection. If you use storage facilities such as wheelie bins or compactors you will not be affected by the changes and can continue with your method of waste disposal as usual.

Q: I have some private land outside my premises, can I leave my waste there?

Technically this is private property on which you can leave the bags for collection at any time. However please be aware bags and sacks attract litter from passers-by which will not be picked up when your bags are collected as they are loose. One of the main reasons for stopping bags being placed on the streets is to combat the accumulation of loose litter on/around bags.

Q: Will I get a fine if my waste is left on the streets during restricted hours?

Responsibility is on the business to ensure that their waste is collected and they will be held liable by the City. Prior to any fines or penalties, the enforcement team will be looking to work with the business to find solutions to any issues. A Fixed Penalty Notice of £110 can be given followed by a fine of up to £1,000 for persistent offenders.

Q: Where can I get more information about the trade waste time band scheme and its implementation?

Further information can be found on the Time Banding page or by contacting Waste Services on 020 7606 3030.