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Paying to park

To avoid receiving a ticket pay to park.

Conditions of use to pay to park at a pay and display bay are:

  • You must purchase and then clearly display, a payment ticket or pay using your mobile phone, at the initial time of your parking 
  • You must park your vehicle fully within the confines of a single bay
  • You must not transfer payment tickets between vehicles 
  • You must not park and displaying multiple pay and display tickets even if you have paid by mobile phone
  • You must not park beyond the maximum time shown on the machine 
  • You must not return to any bay within the same parking place within 1 hour of the expiry paid for time
  • You must not park on suspended parking bays (check for additional notices at the time of parking)

Suspended bays

​Check for suspension notices either on walls or posts. When bays are suspended this applies 24 hours a day, seven days a week or until the suspension notice is removed. Vehicles parked in suspended bays are likely to be removed to the car pound or moved to another street. To trace a removed or relocated vehicle please see London Council's Trace website or contact the police.

Loading and unloading on yellow lines with kerb marks

​Look out for kerb markings and time plates that will indicate when the restrictions apply (loading/unloading is not allowed). Before loading or unloading at a new location you need to find out about loading restrictions in advance.

Footway parking

​There is a London-wide ban at all times on parking on any part of the footway over which pedestrians have access, including privately owned areas.

Dropped kerb and raised carriageway

​Parking is not allowed on dropped kerbs and raised carriageways. They are installed in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act in areas where there is a need for pedestrian or vehicle access to, from, or across a particular area. There is no legal requirement for signs at these points.

Disabled bays and Blue badge holders

​Disabled bays are for Blue and Red Badge holders only, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Blue Badge scheme does not apply in the City of London. This is because the City experiences particularly acute parking problems.

Blue Badge holders cannot park on yellow lines but should use our dedicated disabled parking bays or pay and display bays (an hour of free parking applies when a payment is made). 

The City of London operates its own independent concessionary Red Badge scheme for people with disabilities who are City residents or permanent City workers.

For more information go to our disabled badge holders page.

Advice regarding enforcement and parking

020 7332 3910

The advice line is open Monday to Friday 7am - 7pm (excluding bank holidays), weekends 8am - 2pm.

Note: Our advisors are not authorised to make decisions on any challenges to parking tickets over the phone.

7.5t Lorry Ban

The majority of the City of London, and a small section of Tower Hamlets, has a zone which vehicles 7.5t, or over, must not enter.  The zone is indicated by no-entry signs at all its entrance points.

Please see map setting out the restricted area.

The zone has been in place for several years and enforcement has been 'stepped up' to improve cyclist and pedestrian safety along with improving traffic flows and reducing pollution.

Goods vehicles entering to load/unload within the zone itself are permitted to do so. Vehicles who enter the zone and cannot evidence to a City Police Officer that they have entered the zone to load/unload (eg are using the zone as part of a through route) may be sent a £130 parking ticket from the City of London by post.