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Be Brake Ready

Be Brake Ready

There are too many serious collisions on the City of London’s busy roads, which we are determined to reduce.

That is why we have launched the Be Brake Ready Campaign, which sets out four simple City etiquette principles that everyone who travels in the Square Mile can follow to help keep us safe.

  • Look Around
  • Be Aware
  • Be Considerate and
  • Travel with Less Haste

Whether you are usually a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist, a pedestrian, or a combination, remember these principles and play your part in the mission to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

The background

To develop the Campaign the team analysed five years of collision data from the City Etiquette Collisions Report (2MB), undertook behavioural surveys and hosted focus group workshops with a range of street users.

  • Over the five-year period to December 2016 there were 261 ‘killed or seriously injured’ (KSI) collisions, 11 of which were fatal.
  • Although the yearly number of KSI collisions is slowly decreasing, a great concern is that the number involving pedestrians has been growing. Half of all KSI collisions in 2016 involved pedestrians.

It is important that the campaign highlights and reminds pedestrians of their vulnerability and encouraging drivers and riders to travel at an appropriate speed for this busy environment and be ready to stop.


Look around

  • Principle 1
    Look Around

Look Around - keep your eyes open and focus on what is around you

​A pedestrian, lorry driver, car driver, cyclist, taxi driver, failing to look properly is amongst the most frequent contributing factor to Killed and Seriously Injured (KSI) collisions.

Be aware

  • Principle 2
    Be Prepared

Be Aware - the City is a busy place, always expect the unexpected

Collision hotspots involving pedestrians or cyclists are in busiest areas, e.g. interchanges.​

Be considerate

  • Principle 3
    Be Considerate

Be Considerate - remember other road users are people too

A pedestrian or car driver being careless, reckless or in a hurry are among the most frequent contributing factors to KSI collisions.

Less haste

  • Principle 4
    Less Haste

Less Haste - take an extra second to think about what you’re doing and any potential hazards

​Being less hasty means a lower speed, which in turn means a shorter stopping distance which decrease the chance of a KSI collision.

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