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    Driving in the City
    ​Road safety in the City reduces danger by focusing on walking, cycling and the most common causes of road collisions
    Road Safety Partnership
    ​RDRP Team

​Road danger reduction

The City of London Corporation is committed to improving safety for all road users in the Square Mile. The health and well-being of everyone who works, visits, lives or studies here is of the utmost importance.

The Road Danger Reduction Plan (200KB) is a strategic plan that sets out the key aims and objectives to maintain a safe environment for all road users in the City. The main aim of the Plan is to reduce the number of the most common causes of road collisions, with a particular focus on reducing the dangers by improving the conditions for walkers, cyclists, motorcyclists and vehicle occupants.

The Plan also places heavy emphasis on partnership working carried out by the Road Danger Reduction Partnership (RDRP).

The RDRP is a working group of public sector organisations that has a vested interest in reducing the number of road casualties in the City. The shared expertise, experience and resources allows for a Safe Systems Approach to reducing casualties, encouraging safer behaviour, enforcing road safety and improving crash causation. Partners are: