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We are consulting on the draft City of London Transport Strategy

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Consultation ends on 13 January 2019

The City of London has one of the highest densities of road users in the United Kingdom and at peak times the streets can be crowded. The Road Danger Reduction team is focused on raising awareness of vulnerable road users and the third most vulnerable road user in the City, after pedestrians and cyclists are powered two wheel riders.

The 20 mph speed limit aims to reduce some of the dangers from larger vehicles on the streets, however, riders must understand their own vulnerability and be aware of potential risks and risky behaviours. In particular riders need to: look out for pedestrians stepping out, vehicles making U-turns and vehicles opening doors.


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Improve your biking ability and improve your safety on the road:

The Transport for London and the Motorcycle Industry Association offer a range of advice and guidance for riding in London.

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13 June 2016
Last Modified:
12 November 2018