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Active city network

Active City Network

Safer commuting

As there are over 513,000 employees registered in the City of London the Road Danger Reduction Team continue to prioritises business engagement.

The Active City Network (ACN) aims to engage City employers in the development of initiatives to support safer commuting, giving ACN members the opportunity to contribute to the Road Danger Reduction Partnership and shape future campaigns, transport management strategies and physical infrastructure changes.

Through the ACN, businesses can receive free training and incentives for their employees to enjoy a safer, more active journey to work:

  • Access to networking events and best practice
  • Business road shows and presentations
  • Cycle skills training
  • Lunchtime Streets.

Find out more on the Active City Network.

Business resources

Best practice

Supporting safer commuting and active travel has great benefit for personal health and the environment. For businesses those changes can also create energy and financial savings and better company culture.

The Active City Network Best Practice Guide illustrates some of the way that business are doing this. If you would like a hard copy please contact us.

Want to showcase your Best Practice? Contact Road Danger Reduction 

​​Keep up to date

Deliver, promote and support events and campaigns happening in the City to help promote sustainable travel behaviours at your business.

Events and campaigns

  • Get involved
    Be Brake Ready
    Support our campaigns for a safer City.

Lunchtime Streets

This is a proposal to trial removing traffic from a street over a lunchtime period, so people can enjoy their lunch in a safer and more pleasant environment. Read more about Lunchtime Streets.

Find out more about events on the Active City Network

Be Brake Ready campaign

Be Brake Ready is one of several campaigns aiming to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries in the City. It sets out four simple principles that everyone who travels in the Square Mile can follow to stay safe.

Whether you are usually a driver, cyclist, motorcyclist, a pedestrian, or a combination, remember these principles and play your part in the mission to save lives and prevent serious injuries.

We hope you will support us by spreading the #BeBrakeReady message.

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