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Highway licences

The City of London Corporation is ​the highway authority for all streets in the City of London except Red Routes (TfL Road Network) for which Transport for London is the highway authority.

We are responsible for approving and licensing a range of activities on the public highway except the Red Routes. See below for information on the most frequently requested licences.​

Red Routes

The four Red Routes in the City for which Transport for London is the highway authority are:

  • A3211 (Victoria Embankment, Blackfriars Underpass, Upper Thames Street, Lower Thames Street, Byward Street)
  • A201 (New Bridge Street, Ludgate Circus, Farringdon Street)
  • A10 (London Bridge, King William Street, Gracechurch Street, Bishopsgate, Norton Folgate)
  • Minories (southern end), Goodman's Yard and Mansell Street.

If you need a licence or approval for one of these routes you need to contact TfL on 0845 305 1234 or visit Transport for London Highway Licences

​​​​​​​​Prices for licences and approvals

​​​​​​​​Guidance notes for highway activities

Download the Guidance notes for activities on the public highway in the City of London (283kb) or request a copy by emailing

Hoarding, scaffolding, building materials and skips

Hoarding and scaffolding

​​Any scaffold, hoarding or other structure erected on the public highway must have a licence.

We assess all such licence applications at a meeting with you on site. You should allow four weeks to arrange a site meeting, processing your application and making payment.

Building materials and skips

We do not allow materials or skips to be deposited anywhere on the highway within the City of London. If you have such a requirement then it will need to be met within the confines of a hoarding for which you will need a hoarding licence. Please see Hoarding and Scaffolding below.

How to apply

You can apply for a licence and arrange a site meeting by emailing us at or phone our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3030.​​​

Concrete pump (on street)

We pre- and post-inspect the local drainage system as part of all on-street concrete pump licences. Application for a licence must be made at least three weeks in advance of proposed pumping to give us time for pre-pumping inspection.

If we find any new concrete in the drainage system during our post-inspection this will be removed at the applicant's expense.​​

If you require further information contact us on 020 7332 1545 or 020 7332 1105. You can also email us at

Condition surveys and damage to the highway

​Condition surveys of any damage to the highway are to be submitted prior to commencement.

Reparation works to highway damage from site activity are to be agreed with the Highways Manager at the earliest opportunity.

You can email or telephone 020 7606 3030 to discuss either of the above issues.

Parking bay suspensions, including disabled and motorcycle bays

You can apply for parking bay suspension for streetworks or if there is no other loading/unloading space by phoning our Contact Centre on 020 7332 3553/3554.

We need at least six working days to process your application and payment before suspension commences.​​

Parking dispensation

​​​​If you need longer than the permitted 40 minutes maximum for loading/unloading​ you can apply for a parking dispensation by phoning our Contact Centre on 020 7332 3553/3554.

We need at least three working days to process your application and payment before issuing a parking dispensation.

What is a parking dispensation?​

A parking dispensation allows a vehicle to stand on a single yellow line (or in special cases on double yellow lines) if a vehicle is required to:

  • be as close to the premises as possible for loading/unloading goods and material
  • carry out specific works

A dispensation is not a permit to stand a vehicle on yellow lines without continuously loading or unloading and it does not cover you for working in or on premises.​​

​​​​​​​When do I ​require a parking dispensation?​

​You will require a dispensation if you are loading or unloading on yellow lines​ for more than 40 minutes in a location where no loading restrictions​ apply.

Remember that loading and unloading is generally not allowed at dropped kerbs or raised carriageway.​​​

What is loading and unloading?

Delivery or collection of goods, documents, packages or material to or from a customer, property or location. You can find more information on our loading and unloading pages.​

What if I need to load or unload on a red route?

Dispensations for a red route are issued by Transport for London.​ More information can be found online at the TfL dispensations page​ or by calling 0845 603 4545.​​

What if specific loading or unloading restrictions apply?

Dispensations to load and unload will not be issued during the times when loading restrictions apply as these cannot be over-ridden. Loading restrictions are indicated by single or double yellow markings on the kerbstone. Nearby black and white time plates will indicate the times when loading and unloading is not allowed.

You will receive a parking ticket (PCN) if loading restrictions (kerb chevrons) are in force or your vehicle is parked on the footway. If you are not loading or unloading continuously or your vehicle is left unattended a PCN may also be issued.​​​

Do I need to display a dispensation?

Yes. You must remember to display the original dispensation on the vehicle at all times. You can not use photocopied dispensation.​​​​​​​​​​​​

Temporary road closures

​If your works or event need a temporary closure of the carriageway, footway or City walkway you will need a temporary Traffic Regulation Order.

You can request the road closure application pack by phoning our Contact Centre on 020 7332 3553/3554.

You will need to send the completed indemnity form together with the traffic management plans to ​for approval. You can find information on how to make a payment for the closure in the application pack.

You will need to apply at least 12 weeks in advance of your closure's proposed start date. This is to allow us to advertise and co-ordinate your closure with other works and events on the highway.​

In an emergency where there is a potential risk to life or damage to property call us on 020 7332 3553/3554 to discuss.​​​​​​​

Is you road closure for a special event on the City's streets? See our Event planning in the City page for advice.

Tables and chairs

​​You require a licence to place table and/or chairs on the public highway or City Walkway in the City of London.

Find out more information on how to apply for table and chair licences​

If you would like advice or assistance with an application or licence please contact the licencing team on 020 7332 3406 or

Vehicle crossover and dropped kerbs

Vehicle crossover

Vehicle crossovers allow vehicle access across the pavement. They are however a potential inconvenience and hazard to pedestrians. We normally only consider new, revised or temporary crossovers as part of redevelopment works. You can apply for a vehicle crossover by ringing our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3030 or email

Dropped kerbs

We try to assist pedestrians by providing dropped kerbs at pedestrian crossing points or, at selected locations, by raising the carriageway to pavement level.

You can contact us on if you wish to apply for a dropped kerb.

If you would like general mobility advice please see the Access Team's pages

Pavement lights, smoke extract panels, vaults and basements

​Any work that could affect pavement lights, smoke extract panels, vaults & basements must be notified to the Highways Manager by emailing or telephoning our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3030.

Plant and temporary oversail of the highway

Any site activity that requires oversailing the highway, including tower cranes, hoists and other plant will require an indemnity. Mobile cranes, aerial platforms and other plant on the highway will require a permit and indemnity. You can request an indemnity by calling our Contact Centre on 020 7332 3553/3554. Please submit the completed indemnity form to