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Cannon Street and Bank Junction

Cannon Street is closed in both directions. Cadent is progressing well and has completed the replacement of the first section of one main. The temporary partial reopening of Bank Junction eastbound from Queen Victoria Street remains in place but all other restrictions at Bank stay. For more information visit Cadent's website or contact the Community Relations Team on 0800 389 8261.

Gresham Street

Gresham Street will be closed to westbound vehicular traffic on Wednesday 17 July for the annual Cart Marking Ceremony. For further information, a full list of closures can be found on the Worshipful Company of Carmen's website

Live traffic and road information

View the live traffic status on Google map. You can check the TfL roads status updates.

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Use the Highway Public Reporting Portal for non-emergency faults in the Square Mile. To report a fault go to REPORT-IT.

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Works starting 12 - 19 July 2019

​Street ​Location ​Date ​Reason
Blackfriars Passage Entire Length 12 - 13 July 2019 Mobile Crane
Bartlett Court New Fetter Lane to New Street Square 12 -15 July 2019 Filming
Breams Buildings Junction with Fetter Lane 12 - 15 July 2019 Filming
Crutched Friars Northumberland Alley to India Street 12 - 14 July 2019 Mobile Crane
Fetter Lane and New Fetter Lane Fleet Street to Holborn Circus 12 - 15 July 2019 Filming
Lime Street Lime Street Passage to Leadenhall Street 13 - 14 July 2019 Filming
New Street Square Bartlett Court to Little New Street 12 - 15 July 2019 Filming
Philpot Lane Eastcheap to Brabant Court 13 July 2019 Mobile Crane
Rangoon Street Junction With Crutched Friars 12 - 14 July 2019 Mobile Crane
Rolls Buildings Junction With Fetter Lane 12 - 15 July 2019 Filming
Rood Lane Eastcheap to Fenchurch Street 14 July 2019 Mobile Crane

Long term closures

Street Location Until Reason
Abchurch Lane Full length 30 August 2019 Building Site
Arthur Street (vehicles & pedestrians) King William Street to Martin Lane 31 December 2022 Bank Station Upgrade Works
Bishop`s Court Full length 7 September 2019 Building Site
Brackley Street Viscount Street to Golden Lane 20 December 2019 Building Site
Cannon Street Walbrook to Bush Lane 20 December 2019 Utility
Carlisle Avenue Carlisle Avenue 31 May 2020 Development
Charterhouse Square Westbound 10 February 2020 Building Site
Creed Lane Full length 28 July 2019 Development
Crosby Square Full length 31 December 2019 Development
Finsbury Circus West Arm 31 December 2019 Crossrail
Frederick's Place Full length 8 September 2019 CoL Project Scheme
Gresham Street  Eastbound 14 July 2019 Utility Works
Hayne Street Entire Length 1 November 2019 Development
Houndsditch Outwich Street to Bishopgate 31 August 2019 Development
India Street Westbound 5 April 2021 Building Site
Long Lane (eastbound) Full length 31 July 2019 Crossrail
Little Britain Full length 13 May 2020 Development
Liverpool Street Old Broad Street to Blomfield Street 31 December 2019 Crossrail
Nicholas Lane King William Street to Cannon Street 21 December 2021 Bank Station Upgrade
Nun Court Full length 30 November 2021 Building Site
Sandy's Row Full length 31 August 2019 Building maintenance
Telegraph Street Full Length 6 September 2019  Building Site
Victoria Embankment North Slip Westbound 30 June 2023 Tideway
​Vine Street ​Full length ​15 August 2021 ​Development
​Whittington Avenue ​Full length ​28 July 2019 ​Utility

Special events taking place on the City of London roads

We organise and host events throughout the year which occasionally require street closures. We always aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

Upcoming events

Event Date Closures
Cart Marking Ceremony Wednesday 17 July 2019 See website

Roads re-opening 12 - 19 July 2019

Street Location Date Reason
Gresham Street Eastbound St Martin Le Grand to King Street 14 July 2019 Utility