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20 mph speed limit extension

The City of London Corporation is consulting on extending the 20 mph speed limit to include the streets south of Lower Thames Street and Upper Thames Street. Read the documents below and send us your comments by 18 October 2019.

Notice of Proposal (80KB)
Statement of Reasons (65KB)
Plan (588KB) 

Write to:

Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Quote reference: TraffOrder/DBE/CT-GL

When the City of London introduced a speed limit of 20 mph in 2014 the streets that lie south of Lower Thames Street and Upper Thames Street were not included. Transport for London is the traffic authority for Lower Thames Street and Upper Thames Street, as they form part of the TLRN Red Route network, and they decided to keep the speed limit at 30 mph. Introducing a 20 mph limit on the short streets that are mainly cul-de-sacs would have required installing traffic signs at their junctions with the TLRN and lighting them as is required at junctions with major routes. It would also have made the speed limit across the City of London inconsistent and confusing.

TfL has proposed to change the speed limit on Lower Thames Street and Upper Thames Street to 20 mph which makes it logical for the City Corporation to propose to extend its own 20 mph speed limit. The streets to be included are:- All Hallows Lane, Angel Lane, Bell Wharf Lane, Broken Wharf, Cousin Lane, High Timber Street, Kennet Wharf Lane, Petty Wales, Queenhithe, Stew Lane, Swan Lane, Water Lane and the length of Lower Thames Street that is not part of the TLRN.