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Completed works in austin friars

​The works to enhance Austin Friars were substantially completed on Sunday 4 October 2015. The Bank Area Strategy 2013 identifies Austin Friars as one of the High Priority Courts and Lanes projects, supporting the east-west movement of pedestrians along alternative routes to 'by-pass' Bank Junction. The enhancement works has also improved the functionality of the area for workers, visitors and residents.

The works consisted of re-paving the footways in Austin Friars, raising the carriageway to footway level, enhancing the soft landscaping, providing new seating and installing new energy efficient lighting.

The City has implemented an Experimental Traffic Order starting on Monday 5 October. You can find see the restricted area in the Austin Friars Traffic Management plan (700 KB). The following restrictions apply:

  • A timed restriction for all vehicles Monday-Friday, 11am-4pm
  • A vehicle width restriction of 2.3 metres
  • A Restricted Parking Zone Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm and Saturday, 7am-11am (the same restrictions that were in place before to the works)
  • Disabled access to be maintained throughout the day
  • Timed restrictions will not apply to users of car park at 111 Old Broad Street.

If you currently have regular or planned deliveries, please ensure your suppliers are aware of these changes and are using appropriately sized vehicles. We recommend that all deliveries are scheduled for when Austin Friars is accessible to traffic and where possible, consolidate deliveries so they are less frequent. Enforcement action is likely to be taken against any vehicle contravening these restrictions.

More information can be found in our latest fortnightly e-bulletin (680 KB).

If you have any queries about this project or would like to share any comments, please email

14 January 2015
Last Modified:
16 December 2016