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birchin lane before and after

Birchin Lane before and after

The Birchin Lane street works were completed in November 2015, ahead of schedule.
The carriageway has been raised thereby improving accessibility for wheelchair users, pram users and people with mobility impairments and it has been surfaced in a three colour granite mix to complement the heritage of the lane. Vehicular access has been stopped between 7am and 7pm to create a safer and more pedestrian-friendly environment to by-pass the busy Bank junction.

New pedestrian zone

Birchin Lane has been pedestrianised between 7am and 7pm. Please note that vehicles are no longer permitted access between those times. It has been noted that some vehicles are still using this route during the pedestrian zone period. This is an issue we take seriously. It has been highlighted to the City’s Traffic Enforcement Team and we will also be installing a temporary sign in the middle of the carriageway at the crossing of Cornhill and Birchin Lane to promote the pedestrian zone to motorists.


Any vehicles delivering goods to properties in Birchin Lane between 7am and 7pm will now be required to load/unload at the available areas along Cornhill and Lombard Street.

Celebrating Birchin Lane’s heritage

Bespoke threshold stones have been designed and manufactured in high quality Scoutmoor stone to guide pedestrians to historic alleys and courts off Birchin Lane. They were installed in February 2016 at the entrances of Bengal Court, Castle Court, Cowper’s Court and Change Alley. Drawing on illustrative and historic influences, such as historic maps of the City of London and local coffee shops that evolved into the modern Stock Exchange, the engraved Scoutmoor navigation stones reveal routes through winding alleys, whilst giving pedestrians a sense of the rich heritage that surrounds them.

What next?

The Bank-by-Pass Routes project aims to provide comfortable pedestrian routes to avoid the more busy, noisy and polluted Bank junction. The next phase of the project will be Finch Lane and Nicholas Lane north section. A similar treatment to Birchin Lane will be applied to Finch Lane and street improvements such as widened footways and dropped kerbs will be implemented in Nicholas Lane north section.

02 July 2015
Last Modified:
16 October 2017