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Bank On Safety experimental safety scheme

Bank junction traffic

​Bank Junction is heavily used by all road users and has a high collision and casualty record that requires critical improvements.

From Monday 22 May 2017, the City of London Corporation will deliver Bank on Safety which will provide much needed safety benefits while long-term solutions are developed and consulted on for the All Change at Bank Project.


If you would like to share your current experiences travelling in Bank Junction, we welcome your insight before Bank on Safety is implemented.

You can take part in our survey until Sunday 21 May 2017.


  • Must significantly improve road safety.
  • Maintain the ability for businesses to reasonably undertake servicing, deliveries and critical business movements.
  • Must not worsen the overall air quality in the wider area and desirably reduces pollution in the immediate location of the junction.
  • Must not increase average bus journey time in the area and desirably reduce bus average journey time. ​

The project

​The safety scheme focuses on restricting the number of vehicles that cross Bank Junction during the working day to significantly reduce the number of collisions.

Between the hours of 7am-7pm Monday to Friday, only buses and pedal cycles will be able to cross the junction. This is when 75% of the collisions occur.

Background documents

​In late 2015, Members approved the Bank Junction Improvements Project report which included agreement to investigate an experimental safety scheme ahead of the All Change at Bank Project.

In February 2016, the Streets and Walkways Sub (Planning and Transportation) Committee approved one design option to continue to be assessed in greater detail in the Bank Junction Experimental Scheme report.

In December 2016, City of London Committees granted approval after reviewing the latest Bank Junction Experimental Scheme report (785KB).

Also available are the documents of all the traffic data that is relevant for this, and the All Change at Bank Project, in the All Change at Bank Project.


​The City Corporation will implement the scheme on Monday 22 May 2017, under an experimental traffic order, which allows necessary alterations to be undertaken much quicker than would otherwise be the case. It is unlikely that the scheme will be implemented before the middle of May.

Vehicles will be rerouted via advance warnings and signage on the approach to the junction. Vehicle restrictions will be enforced through automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras with a penalty charge notice issued to drivers who contravene the experimental traffic order. Maps will be uploaded shortly.

A comprehensive public consultation on the experiment will begin after the Bank of Safety scheme is in place. This will give the public the opportunity to experience the changes and make comment whilst the City Corporation monitors the impact of safety and traffic movement. The City Corporation will need to determine whether the safety scheme should remain in place based on the evidence and comments.

What is happening now?

New posts are going up around the area for the new scheme signage.

There will be a trial removal of the zebra crossing on Threadneedle Street, just east of Bartholomew Lane. A pedestrian refuge island, to the west of Batholomew Lane, will be introduced at that time.

Contact us

If you have questions on the project, email us or call our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3030.​