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Cousin Lane

Improved Cousin Lane area with raised carriageway and greening, provides an attractive walking route

​The City of London has delivered an enhanced public space along Cousin Lane in conjunction with the development at Cannon Bridge House. The scheme provides an attractive, safe and accessible walking route, particularly for the many users of the Riverside Walk.

An experimental restriction on motor vehicles entering Cousin Lane has been implemented on 8 May.

Scheme design

The works were completed on 12 May 2017. Please see the scheme design plan (390KB) for more information on the public realm enhancements.

If you have any queries about the completed project, please email

Design summary

The carriageway in Cousin Lane has been raised to the existing footway level and surfaced with granite setts. This will create an improved sense of space within the local area and improve accessibility for people with restricted mobility, by providing level access across the lane.

The granite kerb lines has been retained along the length of the street to preserve the existing carriageway/footway proportions and the footways has been paved with York Stone.

New lighting has been installed at the bottom of each archway of the Cannon Street Station building as it adjoins Cousin Lane, enhancing the street outside daylight hours.

08 November 2016
Last Modified:
01 June 2017