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Crutched Friars

​The City of London Corporation consulted on a change in Crutched Friars during February 2019. The change will take effect on 25 March 2019.

Notice of Proposal (79KB)
Statement of Reasons (63KB)
Plan (111KB)
Notice of Making (77KB)

The redevelopment of No. 80 Fenchurch Street has resulted in Carlisle Avenue being used for deliveries to the construction site in preference to using the heavily trafficked Fenchurch Street. When leaving the site, vehicles must use Northumberland Alley and then turn left at the junction with Crutched Friars. In addition to construction traffic, the loading bay for Nos. 88 and 90 Fenchurch Street is accessed from Carlisle Avenue.

The increased HGV traffic exiting Northumberland Alley has shown that a number of the vehicles have difficulty in making the left turn into Crutched Friars if the closest parking bay in the payment parking place outside ‘Friary Court’ is occupied. In order to complete the manoeuvre, the vehicles are overrunning the kerbs opposite the junction.

Vehicle swept path tracking software has been used on the junction to model the movements of HGVs. As a result, the City Corporation is  removing the parking bay in Crutched Friars closest to Northumberland Alley to provide more space for vehicles to manoeuvre and make the turn without mounting the kerbs.