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Mark Lane

​The City of London Corporation is consulting on a change in Mark Lane. Read the documents below and send us your comments by 24 February 2020.

Notice of Proposal (77KB)
Statement of Reasons (65KB)
Plans (194KB)

Write to:

Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Quote reference: Sect90/DBE/CT-GL

The City Corporation is proposing to introduce a raised table entry treatment in Mark Lane at its junction with Great Tower Street. Mark Lane forms part of the Quietways cycle routes that are intended to provide an alternative route for cyclists that avoids the heavily used main thoroughfares, especially those that do not have any dedicated cycle lanes. The entry table is intended to slow down the entry speed of traffic into Mark Lane where cyclists may be travelling contrary to the one way.

Pedestrians will also benefit from any reduction in traffic speed and will also have a step-free route along Great Tower Street.