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St Mary Axe public realm enhancement

Image of pedestrianised section of St Mary Axe at nightime after the improvements works were completed

Public realm enhancements to the area around the new development at 70 St Mary Axe started 8 October 2018.

Works will be carried out in six phases until March 2019 and include:

  • the pedestrianisation of St Mary Axe street between Bevis Marks and Houndsditch
  • installation of planters, seating and a drinking fountain in the newly pedestrianised area
  • footway repaving in York Stone paving on St Mary Axe, Houndsditch, Goring Street and Bevis Marks
  • reversal of the direction of the one-way on Goring Street and
  • resurfacing of Houndsditch, Goring Street and Bevis Marks

Construction programme:

  • Phase 1: Goring Street and St Mary Axe / Bevis Marks - completed
  • Phase 2: St Mary Axe - October 2018 to March 2019
  • Phase 3: Houndsditch - completed
  • Phase 4 and 5: Goring Street and Bevis Marks - January 2019 - March 2019
  • Phase 6: Bevis Marks - March 2019

Download the plan of the works (1.4MB) to see the extent of each phase and the overall works.

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18 September 2018
Last Modified:
15 February 2019