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Bank On Safety experimental traffic orders

Bank Junction main restrictions

The City of London Corporation introduced an experimental traffic scheme on 22 May 2017 for the Bank Junction area affecting:

Bartholomew Lane, Cornhill, Gresham Street, King William Street, Leadenhall Street, Lombard Street, Lothbury, Mansion House Place, Mansion House Street, Poultry, Princes Street, Queen Victoria Street and Threadneedle Street.

Read the documents below and send us your comments by 24 November 2017.

Notice of Making (27KB)
Statement of Reasons (14KB)
Plan (935KB)
Traffic Order – main restrictions (2938KB)

Associated loading restrictions

A separate experimental Traffic Order was introduced that made changes to the loading restrictions in Bartholomew Lane, Cornhill, Gresham Street, King William Street, Lombard Street, Lothbury and Threadneedle Street. This Order is being modified on 11 August 2017 to make changes in King William Street and Lothbury. Read the documents below and send us your comments by 12 February 2018.

Traffic Order – loading restrictions (249KB)
Notice of Modification (19KB)
Plans (827KB)
Statement of Reasons (31KB)

Write to:

Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Quote reference: DBE/CT/TMO-GL

Responses may be sent by email quoting the above reference to:

The City of London is introducing by experiment a traffic safety scheme at Bank Junction and in the surrounding streets. The primary objective of the scheme is to achieve a reduction in the number of casualties in the Bank area by restricting traffic through the junction to buses and pedal cycles only from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday to Friday. The use of an experiment allows the effect of the scheme to be monitored before it is made permanent and provides flexibility to modify the scheme, or even remove it, should operational experience show it to be desirable.

The dedicated website Bank On Safety contains information on the background to the scheme and how it was developed as well as information on the operation of the scheme and additional plans.