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Live and proposed schemes

Read about the City of London's traffic management and highway schemes and set out notices containing the particulars of proposed orders under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The appropriate contacts for schemes and proposals can vary, so please refer to the particular page for contact information.

You may also find useful to find out about roads, highways and pavements and parking in the City of London.

  • Crossrail in the City
    Elizabeth line roundel
    Crossrail in the City

    We are working with Crossrail Ltd to improve the area around the new station entrances

  • Traffic schemes and proposals
    Bank On Safety logo
    Bank On Safety

    Only pedal cyclists and buses are permitted to cross Bank Junction or travel westbound on Cornhill from 7am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Traffic schemes and proposals
    Shoe Lane
    Shoe Lane Quarter

    Big changes are coming to the area with new offices and Crossrail

  • Traffic schemes and proposals
    Beech Street, 2019
    Beech Street

    Transforming Beech Street

  • Traffic schemes and proposals
    City wayfinding map
    City Wayfinding

    New maps and signs are coming to the Square Mile