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Dowgate Hill

​The City of London Corporation consulted on changes in Dowgate Hill from 20 August to 28 September 2018. The changes will take affect from 20 January 2020. The documents relating to this are below.

Notice of Making (78KB)
Notice of Proposal (17KB)
Statement of Reasons (13KB)
Plan (335KB)

(The Traffic Order for this scheme is not available on the website as it is not in accessible format. A copy may be requested.)

The City Corporation agreed a policy in 2010 for contra-flow cycling in certain quiet streets in the City. The first phase was implemented in 2012, with further streets included in Summer 2013. Since then, other streets have been added as they have been identified as being suitable.

Dowgate Hill runs adjacent to Cannon Street station and at the time the contra-flow cycling programme was in progress was subject to restrictions relating to the redevelopment of the station. The completion of the Bloomberg London building has highlighted that Dowgate Hill does not have contra-flow cycling and it is a street that leads to the TfL East-West Cycle Superhighway.

Since the proposals for this change were published Cannon Street has been closed to traffic due to an ongoing series of gas leaks. With the gas mains repaired the City Corporation will introduce contra-flow cycling in Dowgate Hill between College Street and Cannon Street. The southernmost section of Dowgate Hill, south of the junction with College Street, is two-way.