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London Bridge waterproofing

From March to October 2020, the waterproofing and some of the bearings on London Bridge will be replaced. They have been in place since the bridge was opened in 1973. During the works, pedestrian routes over London Bridge will be busier than usual.

Purpose of the works

The waterproofing protects the concrete bridge deck and reinforcement from water. The total area to be re-waterproofed and re-surfaced is 9,580m2.

Renewing the waterproofing will involve:

  • Removing the existing surfacing over the carriageway and footways
  • Repairing the concrete deck as necessary to make it suitable for the application of the waterproofing system
  • Applying and testing the waterproofing system
  • Resurfacing the bridge

The bearings support the bridge deck, allowing it to move. There is some damage to the bearings in the north and south bridge abutments so while the waterproofing is carried out, 24 of the bearings will be replaced.

Effects on transport

During the works

  • pedestrians will be able to use the east footpath or a combination of the west footpath and a dedicated section of the east carriageway
  • bus stops on the bridge will be suspended during the works
  • buses, taxis, motorcycles and cycles will be able to use a contraflow on the bridge
  • general traffic will be diverted via Tower, Southwark and Blackfriars Bridges.

Works programme

  • 16 March–May works to Northbound (west) side of the bridge
  • June–October works to Southbound (east) side of the bridge��October works to Southbound (east) side of the bridge


You can find out what has been completed so far by reading the latest Progress Report (460 KB)

Progress Report (1) (430KB)

For transport options go to Transport for London's London Bridge Works page.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list for this project please email Helen McConnell at FM Conway.

12 February 2020
Last Modified:
21 May 2020