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Ludgate Circus

The City of London Corporation is introducing an experimental traffic scheme at Ludgate Circus affecting Fleet Street and Ludgate Hill from 14 December 2019.

Read the documents and send us your comments by 15 June 2020. Comments are particularly welcome from pedestrians who regularly cross this junction.

Notice of Making (86KB)
Statement of Reasons (67KB)
Plan (902KB)

Write to:

Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Quote reference: TraffOrder/DBE/CT-GL

NOTE: due to technical problems encountered by Transport for London (TfL) and their signals contractor, the start date for this experimental scheme has been delayed by one week. The consultation period has been extended by the same period.

The City Corporation is working with TfL to improve pedestrian safety at Ludgate Circus. As part of the scheme the City Corporation is introducing changes to the traffic movements into New Bridge Street on an experimental basis.

There is already a ban on vehicles, except for buses, turning right from Fleet Street into New Bridge Street.

The experiment will limit the bus exemption to night-time. Only local buses will only be permitted to make the turn between 11pm-6.30 am. The restriction will allow the night bus route N89 to operate.

All traffic will be banned from turning left from Ludgate Hill into New Bridge Street, enabling an extended pedestrian crossing phase. Vehicle counts showed that the number of vehicles turning left from Ludgate Hill is low and can be accommodated on other routes.

Reason for the experiment

Before the introduction of the North-South Cycleway, there was a pedestrian refuge in the centre of the carriageway in New Bridge Street. This had to be removed to accommodate the cycle lane and the signal timings at the junction were changed. This resulted in an increased period between pedestrian phases to cross New Bridge Street.

The number of pedestrians crossing during the ‘red man’ phases or crossing at informal points increased. In 2017, a pedestrian crossing New Bridge Street south of Ludgate Circus was killed by a northbound vehicle and another was seriously injured crossing at the junction by an HGV turning left from Ludgate Hill into New Bridge Street.

Comments on the experiment can be submitted to the City Corporation until 15 June 2020 unless there are modifications, or the scheme is withdrawn.