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Middlesex Street area public realm enhancement works

Photo of the Middlesex Street Area

The Middlesex Street area enhancements aim to improve the pedestrian experience and to provide further public space for people to enjoy.

The proposals place a strong emphasis on retaining the functionality of the area and not impeding but enhancing the operation of the public amenities, street markets and local businesses.

Latest project updates

Phase 2 Artizan Street

The landscape design has been approved and construction will begin in June 2017.

Contact if you have any questions about the project.

Phase 1 Middlesex Street western end and Widegate Street

Phase 1 has been completed. The scheme will be monitored by the project team over the next 12 months.

See the sections below for further information about each project.

Phase 1: Middlesex Street western end and Widegate Street

  • Proposal for Middlesex Street
    A montage showing the proposal for Middlesex Street

​Phase 1 seeks to achieve a high quality pedestrian environment, improve accessibility and safety by creating more usable footway space while respecting the character of the conservation area.

The works have been completed, and the scheme will be monitored by the project team over a period of 12 months.

Phase 2: Artizan Street

  • Proposal for Artizan Street
    Montage showing the proposed landscape design for Artizan Street

Phase 2 aims to improve the area outside Petticoat Tower and the Artizan Street Library by creating a pleasant and usable space, enhancing lighting and introducing greenery whilst ensuring that safety and easy access to the library and tower are maintained.

Stage A: ramp removal The ramps have been successfully removed. A small section of ramp remains in place to support the highway on Artizan Street.

Stage B: landscaping The detailed design of the new public space outside the library has been approved. The design seeks to make best use of the space for the benefit of residents and other users. As well as this, it addresses the treatment of the section of redundant ramp (a part of the ramp remains in place for structural reasons), and the new Petticoat Tower entrance canopy, which is also in scope. Works are expected to start June 2017.