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New London Street

​The City of London Corporation is introducing an experimental traffic scheme from 28 January 2019 in New London Street. Read the documents below and send us your comments by 29 July 2019.

Notice of Making (80KB)
Statement of Reasons (63KB)
Plan (189KB)​

Write to:

Traffic Orders Officer
Department of the Built Environment
City of London Corporation
PO Box 270
London EC2P 2EJ

Quote reference: TraffOrder/DBE/CT-GL

The City of London is restricting access for all vehicles to New London Street on an experimental basis.

New London Street is cul-de-sac that opens off Hart Street and leads to a staircase and lift up to London Street. This makes the street a popular route for pedestrians that use Fenchurch Street Station.

Following the redevelopment of the adjacent building, the City Corporation investigated the pedestrianisation of New London Street. The footways are narrow and raising the carriageway would improve accessibility. The local businesses indicated support for restricting access by vehicles as none of them used the street for servicing and thought that improving the pedestrian experience would be beneficial.

The City Corporation is introducing a no vehicles restriction using experimental powers so that its operation can be monitored before a decision is made on a permanent restriction. The raising of the carriageway will be delayed until the completion of the experiment.

The street has a single yellow waiting restriction operating for the City-wide controlled hours. With the introduction of the no vehicles restriction, the waiting restriction will be extended to operate ‘at any time’ to prevent parking of powered two wheelers that could be pushed into the street.

The City Corporation will consider making the provisions of the Experimental Traffic Order permanent after a six month period of consultation and following a minimum operational period of six months.​

14 January 2019
Last Modified:
15 January 2019