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City transport policies

In addition to the transport policies contained in the Local Plan the City of London has produced a number of additional strategy documents relating to transport, setting out the City Corporation's position in more detail.

Rail strategy

In 2009, the City of London updated its rail strategy document, which outlines the City Corporation's position on key projects, to encourage investment in London's transport. The City of London's key concern is to improve peak period commuter services – by both modernising the existing rail network and putting in place new schemes to improve reliability and increase capacity. The strategy outlines the key projects and states the City of London's position for each. Although the City of London does not have direct responsibility for rail transport, it does lobby and monitor performance on behalf of the 'Square Mile', and takes a lead role in promoting new rail schemes City of London Rail Strategy (4.65MB) 

Cycle parking strategy

Cycling in the City of London has grown significantly and consistently over the last ten years, with an estimated 10,000 cyclists now commuting to the City on a regular basis. It has also been estimated that there is a greater demand for cycling in the City which is currently suppressed by a lack of available parking spaces. The City of London's Cycle Parking Strategy attempts to quantify this demand, and aims to identify and assess options for increasing the supply of cycle parking in the Square Mile.

22 December 2015
Last Modified:
16 October 2017