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Hazardous and clinical waste

Date created: 8/04/2020
The City of London does not provide a commercial clinical waste or asbestos collection service.

Chemical waste collection

Almost all businesses produce some hazardous chemical waste and many may not be aware that the material is hazardous. Examples include:

  • garage waste (lead acid batteries, contaminated rags, used oil/fuel filters, aerosols, antifreeze and brake fluids)
  • pesticides
  • solvents

To arrange a collection you will need to tell us exactly which chemicals you have on site and the quantities, You may find the Material Safety Data Sheets may be useful. You should also check with the Environment Agency whether you should be registered as a Hazardous Waste Producer.

Once you have this information please contact us. We will then provide a quote and if you accept it we will send you the necessary paperwork. When you have completed it and returned it with the order, the collection contractor will contact you and arrange a date for the waste to be removed.

Please note that you are responsible for placing the waste at the pre-arranged collection point which will need to be accessible and normally at ground floor level.

If you need to find a specialist provider, please check with the Environment Agency for licensed providers and check with the Environment Agency that the company is correctly licensed.

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