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Date updated: 11/01/2023
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City of London residents (living in the Square Mile) can make use of the City's Bulky Waste Collection services for large household items. 

What counts as bulky waste?

Items such as furniture, bikes, televisions, cookers, fridges, washing machines and general waste contained in sacks can all be taken. We do not take any trade, paint or building materials and are unable to collect builders / contractors material.

Go to the Hazardous Waste page for information on collecting paint and other hazardous substances.

How does the bulky collection work?

Items suitable for reuse

Trial reuse of bulky items

We are trialling reuse of bulky items from City of London properties. Items that are collected as part of the bulky waste collection but can be reused will be separated and given to Community Reuse. If you believe your item is suitable for reuse please let the Contact Centre staff know when you call them to arrange your collection (020 7606 3110). Items collected from bulky waste points can be separated for reuse if suitable.

Alternatively, If your items are in good condition you can donate them to a charity such as The British Heart Foundation which will collect items with no charge. (Other charities may be available to collect from the City). You can also use the charity shop locator.

Items in a good, reusable condition can be listed on websites such as Freecycle, Freegle or donated at the next Give and Take Day. 

Items not suitable for reuse

If you need to dispose of items which are not suitable for reuse, please call the City of London Contact Centre on   to arrange a collection by our waste contractor Veolia.

Collections are made on Monday and Thursday between 8am-4pm. You cannot book specific time slots.

Is there a fee for the collection?

There is a £37.50 charge for up to three items or ten standard bags to be collected from your property. Collections made from specific ground-floor collection points on City estates are free of charge. Contact your Estate Office for details of your collection points.

What if I have additional items?

Each collection is for up to three items or ten bags. If you want to have between four and six items collected there will be an additional £37.50 charge, totalling £75.

How do I pay?

Payments for the City of London bulky waste collection can be made using debit card or credit card by calling our Contact Centre on 020 7606 3110.

If you want to comment on our Bulky Waste Collection Service contact the Recycling Team or telephone 020 7606 3110. We aim to respond within three working days.​