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In the event of an emergency

Date updated: 18/05/2022

Keeping you informed

The City of London Corporation has plans in place to ensure that during an emergency, as far as possible, that you can find out or receive information on

  • What has happened
  • What is being done
  • Where the cordons are
  • How long the emergency may last
  • Whether you are to be evacuated and where to
  • When you can get back inside your building
  • Any other issues that would be help you protect your staff and your business

There are a number of ways through which you can access or receive emergency information:

  1. Updates from the Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications hub (CSSC) via your own business sector's industry sector lead
  2. City of London Police Alerts direct to your mobile telephone
  3. Twitter feeds from the City of London Police and the  City of London Corporation
  4. Local BBC radio station
  5. On-Street Public Address System (loud hailers) – used by the City of London Police at or near the scene

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COLC Emergency Management Plan PDF (228KB)
Date submitted: 23/12/20