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City Corporation to launch new Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme for Square Mile SMEs

Date updated: 1/07/2022

Sustainability Cohort Demo Day

Please join us at our Sustainability Cohort’s first demo day on 17 January at 1:00pm (GMT).

12 teams will showcase their solutions in ESG data and disclosures, from validating and enhancing transparency of data, to improving consumer understanding. This event is a chance to learn more about the solutions and how they will progress in the Digital Sandbox over the next 3 months. The event will be fast-paced and there will be plenty of opportunity for questions from the audience.

The event is open to all – finance, academics, professional services, sustainability consulting, investment managers, third party organisations, regulators, etc.

Register to attend the event

Digital Sandbox Sustainability Cohort

The City of London Corporation and the Financial Conduct Authority are delighted to announce 12 teams selected to participate in the Digital Sandbox Sustainability Cohort.

The Cohort will address common market challenges in ESG data and disclosures, under three themes. 

Understanding ESG Data

How can technology help consumers understand the ESG characteristics of the products and providers they engage with, as well as provide visibility around alternatives aligned with their needs and preferences?

  • Butterfly Data
  • Connect Earth
  • Vested Impact

Validating ESG Data

How can technology be used to automate the assurance of a listed issuer’s ESG data and validation of its ESG-labelled corporate bond issuance? (eg Internet of things, decentralised ledgers, centralised platforms, satellite imaging, artificial intelligence)

  • 4 Earth Intelligence
  • Greenomy
  • Greenway Analytics
  • Arivu
  • Telespazio UK

Transparency in ESG Disclosures and Reporting

How can technology enable transparency in disclosure and reporting on sustainability, especially on the characteristics of corporate assets and the profile of their supply chains? (eg open source and eco-friendly decentralised ledgers, centralised platforms)

  • Coriolis
  • ESGi
  • QPQ
  • Synectics Solutions

The Cohort will run from 4 November 2021 to 31 March 2022. During that time, the teams will work to develop their solutions using the Digital Sandbox’s features and collaborate with industry to encourage innovation.

To learn more about the Digital Sandbox and the Sustainability Cohort, visit the Digital Sandbox website and register.

There is an open call for collaboration. Ways to be involved include:

  • Observing the Cohort through the platform and attending demonstration days
  • Mentoring the teams
  • Hosting a collaboration event such as a workshop, roundtable, or discussion
  • Submit your APIs for integration with our API Marketplace or help with data scoping and generation

"This is hugely exciting news that shows once again why London is a world-leading centre for green finance, with the public and private sectors working together to drive progress. This group of companies will help to create a greener financial sector and aid the transition to net zero by addressing common challenges, including issues such as ESG data and disclosure. I hope their involvement in the Digital Sandbox will be a vital step towards mobilising private capital to deliver a green revolution."

Catherine McGuinness, Policy Chair at the City of London Corporation