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Date updated: 5/20/2021

We need you to help drive this movement. There are three actions you can undertake:

Inform, Influence, and Improve.

Inform - be a gamechanger and shape the outputs of the taskforce

  • Share this website with your public affairs teams, and submit a response to the industry consultation (Workstream #1) when announced.
  • For financial services firms, be open to joining the peer network when launched. Email Socio Economic Diversity.

Influence - raise awareness of the need for greater socio-economic diversity internally and externally

  • If you have an event or speaking opportunity, mention the aims of the taskforce or invite the taskforce to have a speaking slot.
  • Share the work of the taskforce with your communication teams, publicly endorse the aims of the taskforce, and the benefits of greater socio-economic diversity via social media.
  • Share this website with peers, suppliers, clients, investees, encourage them to join you in boosting socio-economic diversity at senior levels.

Improve - create a baseline and develop a plan

  • Use Social Mobility Commission recommended metrics to collect workforce data. 
  • Monitor the recruitment, retention, remuneration and progression of employees  by socio-economic background (and correlate with other characteristics). 
  • Create an action plan for improvement e.g.  review processes for work allocation, recruitment, promotion, senior sponsorship. Ensure department heads are accountable for change in their area. 
  • If you already collate data on workforce socio-economic diversity, please share this to support the purposes of Workstream #3, the productivity analysis. 
  • To find out more about collecting data and progressing diverse talent, the Social Mobility Commission invite you to attend these free workshops.
  • Access the following for support: 

The Social Mobility Commission’s Financial and Professional Services Employer Toolkit

The Bridge Group’s research on ‘Who gets ahead and how?’

The Social Mobility Foundation’s Social Mobility Employer Index

Socio-economic diversity taskforce brochure PDF (7MB)
Date submitted: 3/24/21

To share information about the taskforce and its aims, please forward this taskforce brochure to relevant contacts.

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