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City Corporation to launch new Covid-19 Recovery Grant Scheme for Square Mile SMEs

Date updated: 1/06/2022

The City Statistics briefing looks at the City of London's role as a global business hub for financial and related professional services. It provides facts and figures about employment and firms located within the City, as well as highlighting some recent changes to the City as a workplace.

City workers, City businesses and financial services

The following statistics complement the City Statistics briefing, providing more detail on changes and trends in the City’s workforce, economy, and role as a financial and professional services hub.

The most recent Business Register and Employment Survey (2020), shows that 542,000 people are employed in the City of London, representing 10% of Greater London's employment. 

1 in 57 GB workers were employed in the City.

Source: Office for National Statistics

72% of City workers were employed in high-skilled jobs, compared with 63% across London and 49% in Great Britain in 2020.

40% of the City of London's workforce were born outside of the UK in 2019.

Source: Office for National Statistics

The City was home to 24,020 businesses in 2019, with 99% of those SMEs... but the large firms were very large.

Over 50% of the City's jobs were provided by firms of over 250 employees.

Source: Office for National Statistics

The UK financial services industry paid £76bn in tax in 2020, equivalent to 10.1% of the total tax contribution to the UK.

Source: City of London/PwC. The Total Tax Contribution of UK Financial Services

  • TheCityUK maintains a comprehensive archive of authoritative reports on industry sectors and products as well as updates on key financial indicators.
  • Nomis is a service provided by the Office for National Statistics, ONS, to give you free access to the most detailed and up-to-date UK labour market statistics from official sources. Access to Business Register and Employment Survey (BRES) data requires special permission for which there is a fee.
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