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China Programme Publications

Building an Investment and Financing System for the Belt and Road Initiative - How London and other global financial centres can support PDF (2MB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 19/12/2019

This report is jointly produced by the City of London and the People's Bank of China. The report examines the building of a fit-for-purpose Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) investment and financing system, considering in detail the status quo, characteristics, future development, and system and mechanism guarantee of an investment and financing system.

London as a Centre for Management of Financial Risks PDF (455KB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 27/03/2020

The UK’s unique capabilities as an international financial centre mean it is perfectly positioned to help multinationals mitigate a diverse range of financial risks. With an extensive network of 250 international banks and channelling 43% of global forex trading, the UK can support multinationals in managing currency and liquidity risks on a global scale. Multinationals can also hedge their interest rate risks through the UK, a leading derivatives market with 50% share of the trading of global over-the counter interest rate derivatives. Furthermore, global firms can manage business and specialist risks through the UK’s mature insurance market, control operational risks and ensure regulatory compliance with support from leading legal, accountancy and consulting service firms gathered in the UK.

London RMB Business Quarterly Report Vol. 10 (2MB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 13/08/2021

London RMB Business Quarterly Report Vol. 11 (2.53MB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 24/11/2021

London RMB Business Quarterly Report Vol. 13 (2.53MB)

RMB Internationalisation - The Start of A Long and Winding Road PDF (370KB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 29/11/2019

This report was jointly produced by the City of London and Aberdeen Standard Investments. The report examines the challenges facing the Chinese authorities’ attempts to elevate the role of the RMB in trade and other international transactions, arguing that further reform will be necessary for the currency to become as central to the global system as its economy.

The City of London Corporation China Programme (Chinese) (1.59MB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 18/01/2022

The City of London Corporation China Programme (1.66MB)

PDF documentDate submitted: 18/01/2022

As the governing body of the Square Mile, we are dedicated to a vibrant and thriving City, supporting a diverse and sustainable London within a globally successful UK. It is my goal to ensure that the City and our financial and professional services sector contribute to the prosperity of the UK as a whole. The UK is a gateway to global capital, advice and clients, with a strong offer in providing financial and professional services to the world. Our international programme is crucial to achieving this – our access to unmatched and exceptional talent, skills and innovation from across the UK and around the world help us to connect global and regional networks.