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Date updated: 14/05/2021

The UK is home to many Indian institutions with the City of London being home to over 10 of these Indian institutions.

Under the City of London Corporation India programme, we work alongside key stakeholders, in industry and government to promote and support the interests of the UK and India financial institutions. Furthering opportunities for collaboration and strengthening bilateral trade between the UK and India.

We have developed three priority work streams under our India programme.

Capital Markets:

The UK’s capital markets are one of the deepest and most developed capital markets in the EU. The UK’s outstanding global reputation attracts global capital from across the world to its vibrant market.

Capital markets provide an important channel of financing for the real economy. They help allocate risk and support economic growth and financial stability. The City of London Corporation India-UK Capital Markets Working Group (CMWG) established in 2020, aims to address the market and policy barriers impeding the realization of the full opportunity India presents to finance.

This initiative examines the trends in capital markets development and identify the factors that encourage the growth of a vibrant capital market in India.

Sustainable Finance:

The UK's world-wide reach in financial services ideally places it to build global partnerships in sustainable finance. With a longstanding, well-established reputation as a leader in sustainable finance, the UK has a wealth of experience and expertise to draw upon.

The City of London Corporation have been working collaboratively through the India-UK Sustainable Finance Working Group, with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry, since May 2019 to scale flows of finance to support India’s ambitious sustainable development goals. The group brings together private sector suppliers and consumers of capital from across the UK and India to discuss practical actions to increase flows of sustainable finance, particularly into infrastructure.


Fintech is worth £11 billion to the UK economy. The UK is home to the largest and most forward-looking cluster of financial and professional services firms and a consumer base with one of the highest fintech adoption rates in the world at 71% - providing a huge partner and customer opportunity for international fintech firms. The UK launched the world’s first Regulatory Sandbox and pioneered Open Banking, which have now taken the world by storm.

Fintech has been a key component of our India work since 2018, with the objectives to promote the strengths of UK fintech companies to Indian stakeholders and encourage India’s fintechs to set up in the UK.