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Please check The City Centre website for opening information.

The place to come to learn all about the Square Mile, the heritage of its built environment, its present offer as a world class business centre, its unique collection of cultural institutions and its exciting, vibrant future.

​The City Centre Gallery 

Featuring a series of exhibitions and installations, The City Centre documents the make-up of the City - it's cultural like; the business community; its places and spaces; the way it is run today and its plans for the future.

The City Centre Model Exhibition 

The City Centre is home to the City of London's official architectural model of the Square Mile. This state of the art 1:500 scale interactive model allows a rare birds-eye view panorama detailing every existing building as well as those with planning permission granted for the next 10 years.

It provides a fascinating glimpse into the future of London's rapidly growing skyline. Developed over the last 30 years, the model is a unique example of the history of model-making from craftsmanship in wood to laser cutting and 3D printing.

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The City Centre is part of Guildhall Galleries - a collection of eight attractions at Guildhall.

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The City Centre is the place to discover the Square Mile - past, present and future - thanks to its scale model of the City of London and its view of London's Roman Amphitheatre. Visit The City Centre Website

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