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Date updated: 8/10/2021

The City of London is home to many family-friendly activities, all of which have been meticulously planned to keep you and your family safe while you learn and enjoy.

Please check visitor information for each attraction before visiting for up to date opening times and booking.

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge will transport you back to Victorian London. The Tower Bridge Exhibition uncovers the fascinating story of this iconic landmark from the very beginning.

Enjoy the dramatic panoramic views of the City whilst walking across the Bridge's high-level walkways and glass floors. Don’t forget to visit the Engine Rooms. If you time your visit just right, you’ll even get to experience the magic of the Bridge Lift beneath your feet.

Tower of London

Explore the 1000-year history of London’s iconic castle and World Heritage Site, also the home of the world-renowned Crown Jewels. Yeoman Wardens or 'Beefeaters' will take you on a guided tour, and you'll also have the chance to meet the ravens!

The Tower of London has restricted visitor numbers each day, so you can safely explore the history of this famous fortress, palace and prison.

St Paul's Cathedral

One of London's most recognisable and historic buildings, St Paul's Cathedral is an iconic feature of the London skyline.

Tickets must be booked in advance, the price of admission includes entry to the Cathedral Floor, Crypt and the Dome Galleries (currently only the Stone Gallery is open). Admission also includes multimedia guides.

Museum of London

The Museum is child-friendly, and includes a daily programme of activities and events ranging from arts and crafts and theatre performances for children, through to live musical performances and late night viewings for adults. The Museum is free, though some events and exhibitions are charged.

Guildhall Art Gallery and London's Roman Amphitheatre

The first Guildhall Art Gallery was built in 1885 to display the City of London Corporation's growing art collection. The gallery was almost entirely destroyed by fire during a severe air raid of the Second World War on 10 May 1941. In 1985 the City decided to redevelop the site and add a new Gallery on its lower levels.

The current Gallery shows a changing display of about 250 artworks from its collection of paintings, drawings and sculpture, in addition to a programme of temporary exhibitions. 

In 1988, Museum of London archaeologists made an astonishing discovery during an archaeological dig taking place in preparation for the new Art Gallery building project, it was found that the capital's only Roman amphitheatre was located in Guildhall Yard. In 2002, the doors to the amphitheatre opened for the first time in nearly 2,000 years.

City of London Children's Trail

From towering, modern skyscrapers to mysterious, medieval fortresses and fabulous, world-class museums to the imposing, world-famous Tower Bridge, the City is packed with iconic landmarks and hidden gems just waiting to be explored.

The City Children’s Trail, provided in partnership with Open City and part of the City Visitor Trail, makes exploring London’s Square Mile on foot even easier for families, with three carefully chosen, kid-friendly, self-guided routes - perfect for young explorers.

Children's Play Areas

There are several play areas in the Square Mile for your little ones to let off steam.

Smithfield Rotunda Garden

Smithfield Rotunda Garden has trees, lawns, seating and accessible children's play areas with jumping boards, balancing steps and playground spinners.

Fortune Street Park

Located next to Prior Weston Primary School, Fortune Street Park has lawns, trees, benches, picnic tables and children playgrounds with swings, sides, merry-go-round, jungle gyms, floor mats (for soft landings) and a coffee stall.

Portsoken Street Gardens

Set up by the Lord Mayor of London in 1936 to commemorate King George V, Portsoken Street Garden is a small green space with lawns, wildlife ponds, benches and accessible children's play areas with jumping discs, balancing steps and a sandpit.

Tower Hill Garden

Located opposite the Tower of London and next to a fragment of the Roman City Wall, Tower Hill Garden is an attractive green space with lawns, trees, seating and an accessible children's play area featuring a basket swing, slide, jumping boards and natural boulders.