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Date updated: 5/12/2021

Here's our top location recommendations for your Insta-worthy pics

The City of London is unique in so many ways. Our recommendations will take you to some of the most photographed spots in the City - and for good reason! Tower Bridge knows how to shine for the camera. We'll also let you in on some more hidden locations that are lesser-known but equally photogenic. 

Hidden gems

The City is where the Romans settled in AD50, founding Londinium and several ancient sites have been lovingly preserved including London's Roman Amphitheatre

Like many City churches, Christchurch Greyfriars was rebuilt by Christopher Wren following the Great Fire of London in 1666 but was sadly destroyed in bombing raids during World War 2.  Today it is a peaceful spot full of fragrant and colourful flowers, and a lesser-known spot than St Dunstan-in-the-East. Fun fact - Isabella of France, wife of Edward II, was buried here in the 14th century when a Franciscan monastery stood on this site. 

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The Engine Rooms at Tower Bridge don't get as much attention as the bridge itself, but you can visit the Victorian steam-powered engines that used to raise and lower the bridge. A must for engineering enthusiasts. 

London's Roman Amphitheatre. Free entry via Guildhall Art Gallery. © Jan Rockar
Christchurch Greyfriars Garden on the corner of King Edward Street and Newgate Street. © Jan Rockar
The Engine Rooms at Tower Bridge. See the Victorian engines that used to raise the bridge. © Jan Rockar

Iconic landmarks

Tower Bridge is one of the most well-known sites in London. Need we say more? Show us your interpretations of this Victorian feat of engineering. 

St Paul's Cathedral, the iconic Wren masterpiece. You've probably seen the classic shots of the cathedral, can you find a new perspective?

Leadenhall Market was once a humble poultry market with some interesting residents, it is now a movie star. Old Tom the goose lived here in the 19th century to the ripe old age of 38. After his death in 1835 he lay in state in the market and was buried on the site. 

Tower Bridge like never before. © Jan Rockar
St Paul's Cathedral from the roof of One New Change.
Leadenhall Market - once a humble poultry market, now a movie star! Can you find the entrance to Diagon Alley?

Street art

Sculpture in the City is an annual outdoor exhibition to the east of the Square Mile. The new edition is due to be installed soon - please forgive our shots of the previous edition, we hoped to run the competition last year - but this years edition will be better than ever!

Illuminated River, once complete, will be the longest public art project in the world. Designed by Leo Villareal, the new lighting designs on our bridges make an evening stroll along the Thames even more magical. 

Have you ever spotted tiny painted artworks on Millennium Bridge? The Chewing Gum Man is a regular here, creating depictions of London scenes, abstract patterns and tiny creatures.

In 2017 two murals appeared near the Barbican Centre, coinciding with a Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition. They turned out to be genuine Banksy artworks and are permanent fixtures adorning Beech Street tunnel. 

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Illuminated River
Banky at Beech Street.


The ancient, old and the new sit side by side in the Square Mile. From churches nestled amongst modern offices to the medieval splendour of Guildhall Great Hall, the City is a mecca for anyone with a love of architecture.

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The old and the new.
The medieval heart of the City at Guildhall. © Jan Rockar

The City at rest and play

The City is not just a place of high rise offices. The COVID lockdowns have encouraged many animals and birds to venture into the Square Mile. We've heard reports of foxes trotting past Guildhall and a kestral nesting at the Barbican Estate. And of course there's the pigeons! The many City gardens are oases of nature with the flowers now coming into bloom and the residents and workers in the City go about their daily lives in many different ways. 

We can't wait to see your nature and City community pictures. 

Seagulls are regular visitors to London. We hope they brought their face mask...
An alternative mode of transport.
© Jan Rockar
© Jan Rockar