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Education session at Bunrham Beeches with children

​General enquiries

For general enquiries, please email us or call 01753 647 358 and we will be happy to help.

Write to us 

The City of London
Burnham Beeches Office
Hawthorn Lane
Farnham Common
Buckinghamshire SL2 3TE

Spotted any problems?

If you notice any faults - such as a fire, damaged signs, fences or stiles, fly-tipping, excessive litter or obstructions on any paths please call 01753 647 358 during office hours (8am - 5pm) or our 24 hour number 01372 279 488 at all other times. If the fault is less urgent please email us at the address above.

Our staff on site

Whilst out at Burnham Beeches, please do not hesitate to speak to any member of staff, who will be pleased to help you.

In an emergency

If you see a problem on Burnham Beeches or Stoke Common that requires immediate attention, please call our emergency telephone number 01372 279 488.

City of London staff patrol Burnham Beeches for your safety and to help protect the site from harmful activities and our emergency line is answered 24 hours a day and details are forwarded to the member of staff on call.

02 November 2012
Last Modified:
19 August 2019