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About us

Rangers on Bikes

​Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common Rangers patrol the reserves 365 days of the year

Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common are managed by 13 full time and part time staff. The reserves are owned by the City of London and managed as a registered charity (charity number 232987). They are funded almost exclusively through the City's private funds supplemented by grants, car park charges at weekends and bank holidays, filming and visitor donations.

For information about the size, ownership and history of both reserves please visit the heritage page.

Visiting Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common

The Beeches attracts around 585,000 visitors a year. It has been a valuable recreation amenity for local people and visitors from further afield for over 130 years and is managed both as a public open space and also for conservation. To find out where to go and what to view the visitor information page.

Stoke Common has only limited roadside parking available so most visitors walk, cycle or visit on horseback.​

Green flag Award


Burnham Beeches is proud to be currently accredited with both Green Flag and Green Heritage awards.

The Green Flag Award scheme recognises the high standards achieved in managing an open space for people to enjoy. Receipt of this award reflects the judges' view that the Reserve is well-managed and provides a high quality open space experience for its visitors.

13 March 2012
Last Modified:
10 September 2019