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Management and consultation

13 February 2019

walking on the common

Management plans

Both reserves have ten year management plans, written in formats to make them easy for both staff and members of the public to read and understand. The Stoke Common plan was approved by Natural England in January 2019. Work to produce a new plan for Burnham Beeches plan will be carried out during 2019.

The plans, which can be download from the links below, detail the main projects to be carried out over their ten year life spans. In addition, the Burnham Beeches plan also looks to the longer term and includes the 500 year vision for the site.

Download the Burnham Beeches management plan 2010 - 2020 (2.8mb)

Download the Stoke Common management plan 2019 - 2028 (2.8mb)

Management plan consultation

We consult with specialists, outside organisations and the public during the production of each plan.

At the most recent consultation for the Stoke Common plan we asked for feedback from those attending. Our responses to questions raised at the consultation evenings can be found in this document(186kb).

Consultations on the Burnham Beeches management plan will be held in the latter part of 2019.

Burnham Beeches and Stoke Common Consultation Group

The Consultation Group meets twice per year. Members of the group include people from the local community, representatives of closely associated organisations and local authorities, organisations with a statutory involvement in the management of the site and Officers and Members of the City of London. The aim of the group is to help to implement the site management plan to the benefit of visitors, wildlife and the wider environment. Site users are also consulted on specific issues as they arise.​

13 April 2012
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27 August 2019