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Car parking and season tickets

  • Car park machine at the Beeches
    buying a carpark ticket at weekends and bank holidays

    ​Our car park machines are run by solar power

There is no post code for the main car park at Burnham Beeches but SL2 3PS will get you within 50 metres.

Parking conditions apply at all times in Burnham Beeches. Parking is only allowed on Lord Mayors Drive and in the Stag and Dell car parks.

A daily parking charge of £3 per motor vehicle and £18 per coach applies on weekends and bank holidays with donations at all other times. Disabled visitors correctly displaying a valid blue badge are exempt. At the present time our parking machines only accept cash. A charge of £70 will be payable by the driver of any vehicle who either:

  • fails to clearly display a valid pay and display ticket or
  • parks in a disabled bay without clearly displaying a valid blue badge or
  • causes obstruction or inconvenience to any other vehicle or
  • parks in a residents parking area and does not clearly display a resident's parking permit.​

You can use our car park machines to buy car park tickets at weekends and bank holidays and for donations Monday to Friday.​

Why do we charge for parking?

  • Southern Hawker dragonfly
    Southern hawker dragonfly
    ​All money raised from the car parks helps to look after the many species that are found here

Burnham Beeches is a registered charity. The majority of the running costs are met by the City of London, trustee and owner of the site. However, global economic instability in recent years has led to substantial (and on-going) budget cuts. Service levels have been maintained by reducing expenditure (e.g. through restructuring and efficiency measures) and raising income from grants, filming and the car parks. Investment in green energy has also helped save money and raise income.

If you are one of the many visitors who enjoy Burnham Beeches but do not drive to the site, are exempt from the parking charge or only visit during the week you can still to help to look after it; we welcome donations as well. These can be made via a car park machine at any time, mid-week or at the weekend. We also run a supporter’s badge scheme.

Car park season ticket

  • Exmoor ponies grazing
    Ponies grazing at Burnham Beeches

    Every parking ticket purchased helps keep Burnham Beeches special, for you!

​Car park season tickets (valid in all our car parks) are available, meaning you will never have to worry about having spare change again!

The price starts at £180 in May and reduces by £15 each subsequent month. This means a regular visitor can save up to 46% in car park charges compared to those paying daily.

To buy a season ticket, please contact District Enforcement direct or phone 01785 336784.

For more information about car parking at Burnham Beeches, or for any other queries please contact the Burnham Beeches office on 01753 647 358.​​

Information about parking charges

  • ​As the Beeches is not funded through Council Tax, it operates at little cost to visitors, unless they use the car parks at weekends or bank holidays. It is a nature reserve covering 220 hectares of ancient woodland and wood pasture and is home to many rare and uncommon plants, animals and fungi. The site is looked after by a team of rangers, who carry out conservation and maintenance work to manage the site for wildlife and visitors.
  • The City of London's Epping Forest and Open Spaces Committee considered various options, including weekday charging, and decided that an increase in weekend and bank holiday charges was the fairest option. This was also supported by our local consultation group.
  • By only charging at weekends it ensures that the cost of the parking charge is distributed more evenly amongst all visitors and that those who come more than twice per week are not overly affected.
  • Even after the increase, the parking charge at the Beeches still compares favourably with other local sites but, unlike other sites, there is no charge for weekday parking - just donations.
  • All income from parking charges is used for the care and maintenance of Burnham Beeches and its facilities. The money raised equates to 12% of the total running costs of this beautiful nature reserve.
  • The City of London always resisted the introduction of car park charges, preferring instead for many years to encourage donations. However, the average amount donated per vehicle was less than five pence which was insufficient for the site's needs.
  • We appreciate your support and understanding as we try to maintain the high level of services currently provided on the site. The increase in car park charges will help to ensure that the Beeches remains a special place for visitors and wildlife to enjoy.