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Book of remembrance

One of the seven books of remembrance

The volumes of the book of remembrance provide a simple and lasting memorial and are displayed in the chapel of remembrance. The book contains a page for each day of the year and the pages are turned daily.

You can decide on which date the entry is to appear and you can then come and see your loved one's epitaph on that date each year.

This date is personal to you and can be, for example, the date of death, the date of cremation, their birthday or wedding anniversary.

The volumes are displayed in glass cabinets in the chapel of remembrance.  Replicas of your entry are available if you wish to keep a copy of the epitaph.

You can also view all book of remembrance inscriptions using our online system.

Inscriptions can be ordered by filling in a form which can be ordered from the Bereavement Services team on 020 8530 2151.

Please note that orders must be received five clear months before date of entry. For replicas, delivery times are between two and four weeks.

26 April 2012
Last Modified:
02 September 2019